All the World in New York City Photography Contest


Please read the following rules before submitting your photos. By entering this competition, you understand and agree to abide by the following:

  1. Photographs should tell a story or reflect the heritage of New Yorkers with origins from another part of the world. Subjects should reside and all submitted photographs should be taken in one of the five boroughs of New York City.
  2. The competition is open to photographers of any experience level, age 18 and up.
  3. There is limit of three entries per artist.
  4. There is no entry fee.
  5. Photographers must certify that each submitted photograph is their own creative property. Copyright to the photographs remain with the photographer.
  6. By entering this competition, the photographer grants that each submitted photograph and related text may be used in the exhibition and for marketing and promotional purposes by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), DNA Learning Center (DNALC), and DNA Learning Center NYC (DNALC NYC) at City Tech. This may include use in publications, printed materials, advertisements, exhibitions, signage, and electronic media. Photographer's name will be included with his/her/their respective images(s).
  7. Each submitted photograph must be in digital format with the following specifications:
    • File format: JPG that is at least 1000 pixels and a maximum 2000 pixels on longest side at 72 DPI, 10 MB or less.
    • Image file names: The files must be titled with the photographer's last name and a sequential image number: LastName-FirstInitial-Image#.jpg (Example: Jones-S-Image1.jpg).
    • No information identifying the artist (name, stamp, logo, etc.) can appear in the image.
  8. Each photograph must include an accompanying biography of the individual(s) depicted in the photograph that tells the subject's story or reflects their heritage from another part of the world. This brief text should be a minimum of 250 characters including spaces, and a maximum of 500 characters (approximately 50–100 words).
  9. Each individual included in an image must sign a Photo Release Form. If the subject is under 18, their parent/guardian must also sign the form. The completed form is uploaded with the image submission. For images with multiple subjects, releases should be uploaded as one multi-page file. Please maintain paper copies of the releases.
  10. Digital image manipulation (e.g. Photoshop) is allowed.
  11. Photos that include nudity or inappropriate, offensive, violent, or unlawful content will not be considered.
  12. Photographers whose images are selected for exhibition will be notified by email.
  13. Photographs selected for exhibition must be provided as a digital file at the highest resolution available; ideally, at least 3000 pixels on the longest side at 300 dpi. The CSHL DNALC will arrange for printing and framing/mounting.
  14. All the World in New York City is a permanent exhibition with no set closing date.
  15. This call for entries is competitive, and there is no guarantee of inclusion in the exhibition.
  16. Awards will be issued following receipt of the high-resolution image file.
  17. Photographers will be invited to any opening events (TBD).
  18. Schedule:
    • June 1, 2022: NEW Submission Deadline; entries due by 11:59 pm EST
    • July 1, 2022: Jury review completed
    • July 11, 2022: Photographers of selected images notified [DELAYED as of July 11, 2022, date to be determined]
    • July 18, 2022: High-resolution image file due (on or before) [DELAYED, date to be determined]

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