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DNA Barcoding for CURES Workshops

Dolan DNA Learning Center
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Funded by the National Science Foundation
Improving Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative

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DNA Barcoding for CURES
June 15-19, 2020 - Bowie State University, Bowie, MD
DNA Metabarcoding for CURES
June 22-26, 2020 - City Tech, New York, NY

DNA Barcoding and Metabarcoding for CURES workshops are each intended for 2-year or 4-year college science faculty who teach biosciences or biotechnology. High school teachers who wish to update their biology teaching are also welcome to apply, but will be given lower priority. Selection of workshop participants is competitive and based upon an applicant's potential to integrate workshop content into her/his teaching, especially when implementing course-based research for undergraduates early in their postsecondary education. Participants in DNA Barcoding for CURES, and especially those who have implemented barcoding CURES into their teaching, will be given priority at Metabarcoding for CURES workshops.

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