Field Trip Reservation Information

At this time, we are not hosting field trips in person at any DNALC location. Please review the field trip options and use the contact information below to arrange virtual instruction.

Contact info and laboratory instruction fees for the 2020-21 academic year:

  Middle School High School
Reservation contact Megan Capobianco,
Submit request
Mary Lamont,
Submit request
Virtual Live Demonstration Field Trips $200/hour $200/hour
Virtual Live Hands-on Field Trips $15/student
(20 student minimum, $300)
(20 student minimum, $540)
Bioinformatics-only labs, $400/class
Virtual On-Demand Field Trips
(20 students minimum, $260)
(20 students minimum, $400)

Reservation Guidelines

Gather the information you will need for reservations:

  • Identify the best form of delivery for your class: Virtual Live Hands-on, Virtual Live Demo, or Virtual On-Demand.
  • Identify the lab(s) you would like to reserve in advance. Ensure the lab activity is grade-appropriate for your group (check the DNALC Lab Activity Matrix and the Middle School or High School Field Trips pages).
  • Narrow down the time when you would like to reserve your lab(s) to a specific month; have a copy of your school calendar handy so that you don’t book your class on a holiday, school testing day, etc. Rescheduling can be very difficult.
  • Have your school contact information handy, especially if this is your first time booking with us.

Faxed and mailed reservations are not accepted. Please do not leave voice mail messages requesting specific lab dates. Spaces fill up quickly, so call for reservations as early as possible.