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A collaboration of the New York City Department of Education and the DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

High School Class Field Trips
Schools throughout New York City are invited to the Harlem DNA Lab for half-day lab field trips. Each lab is inspired by techniques and tools currently used by research scientists.

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Urban Barcode Project
Harlem DNA Lab is the home for many of the Urban Barcode Project activities. Learn more...

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Visit the Lab Center for online laboratory follow-up materials HERE!

The DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is the world's first science center devoted entirely to genetics education. The DNALC is an operating unit of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), a world-renowned research institution that has been home to several Nobel Prize winners!

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Harlem DNA Lab draws on the DNALC's long experience in translating current biological research into hands-on learning activities and establishing teaching centers worldwide. Harlem DNA Lab makes use of instructional methods and technology developed with more than $26 million in federal and foundation grants. Since its founding in 1988, the DNALC has provided experiments for over 574,000 students from the NY metro area during field trips, in-school instruction, and DNA summer camps. More than 11,400 educators have received intensive training at DNALC workshops conducted in 50 states and several countries.

Harlem DNA LabThe 1,200 square foot Harlem DNA Lab occupies a former graphics arts classroom in the John S. Roberts Educational Complex (J.H.S. 45). The state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with dissecting and compound microscopes, autoclave, incubators, centrifuges, micropipets, electrophoresis apparatuses, and DNA thermal cyclers. The laboratory will accommodate up to 32 students for experiments ranging from basic genetics and cell biology to modern DNA manipulation and typing. Harlem DNA Lab is directly administered by the DNALC and is staffed by educators and Ph.D. biologists who have been trained to deliver an exceptional learning experience for every visitor.

Teacher Professional Development
Footlocker CasesGenetics & biotechnology footlocker Kits are now available for use in your school. Each kit contains all the equipment and replenishable materials for classes to complete a lab.

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John S. Roberts Educational Complex (J.H.S. 45)
2351 First Avenue at 120th St
East Harlem, New York 10035

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dana Foundation, Jerome L. Greene Foundation,
Goldman Sachs Foundation, William Townsend Porter Foundation, and Lounsbury Foundation